The third transnational meeting of the “CQAF, a provider online model” project was held on Thursday 07.03.2013 and on Friday 08.03.2013 at branch office of “Dimitra” Institute of Training and Development in Athens. The project develops a functional model, which includes tools and documents that are common across the European Union in order to ensure the quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET). The project is a continuation of the action that was completed in October 2011, and developed the basic structure and the content of the model. During the meeting was discussed the progress of the project and the next steps that should be done about: •The adjustment of the model, and of the self-assessment questionnaire (that will be used by training organizations in order to verify the quality of provided services) to the special needs of each country. •The creation of a dictionary in order to clarify words and phrases that is contained in the model. •The completion, pilot running and the full function of the model on line The project has been funded by the European Commission and the participated organizations from Greece, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Cyprus.

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